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Purple Server Overview

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The Server

The following slides were taken from the presentation Building a Robust Multithreaded Server in Java

Queuing Model

Blocking Queue

JDK 1.2 Collections

Basic Object Model

Basic Object Model (Fig.)

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Acceptor Thread

Clients Set

Receiver Thread

Receiver Thread: Alternative

Incoming Queue

Processor Thread

Full Object Model

Full Object Model (Fig.)

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Problems List

Checker Thread

Auditor Thread

Non-Blocking Input Stream

Thread Safety Policies

Thread Safety Policies

Priority: Why?

Priority: Why?

Priorities: General Strategies

Priorities: Queuing Strategies

Priorities: Decisions

Priorities: Decisions

Priorities: Decisions

Priorities: Decisions

Priorities: Conclusion

Processor Thread Behavior

Processor Thread Blocking

Processor Thread Blocking

Multiple Processor Threads

Multiple Processors (Fig.)

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How Many Threads?

Thread Pooling

Thread Pooling (Cont.)

Information Flow

Limiting Flow

Another Problem

Another Problem: Solutions

Debugging Techniques

Thread Dump