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Purple Server

By Alex Chaffee and Purple Technology

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Purple Server is a more-or-less-fully functional Chat server engine written in 100% Java. It was written to illustrate concepts from my course, Writing a Robust Multithreaded Server in Java.


This code is Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Purple Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. You are free to do whatever you like with this code, free of charge, just give credit where credit is due. If you improve it, please send your improvements to server@purpletech.com. Check http://www.purpletech.com/server/ for the latest version and news.


Quick Start

1. Change to the code dir cd codecd code
2. Compile the code mk sh mk
3. Run the server start run xterm -e sh run
4. Run the Zippy bot start runbot xterm -e sh runbot
5. Run the Thread Watcher tail -f /tmp/threads.txt
6. Run the applet appletviewer MessageApplet.html