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Uses of Queue in com.purpletech.message.server

Fields in com.purpletech.message.server declared as Queue
protected  Queue Splitter.messages

Methods in com.purpletech.message.server that return Queue
 Queue MessageServer.getClients()
          Returns a copy of the current list of clients.

Constructors in com.purpletech.message.server with parameters of type Queue
Splitter(Queue messages, ClientSet clientsInitial)
Receiver(java.util.Set clients, Queue incoming, java.util.List problems)
          Initialize this object
Processor(MessageServer server, Queue incoming, ClientSet clients, java.util.List problems, Splitter splitter, ProcessorCounter counter, Namer namer)
          Initialize this object.
Auditor(java.util.Set clients, java.util.List problems, Queue incoming, Receiver receiver, ThreadPool processors, ProcessorCounter processorCounter, ThreadWatcher watcher, int pause)
          Initialize this object.

Uses of Queue in com.purpletech.util

Classes in com.purpletech.util that implement Queue
 class BlockingQueue

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