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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Range

Uses of Range in com.purpletech.graph

Classes in com.purpletech.graph that implement Range
 class BasicRange
 class IntegerRange
 class USDRange

Fields in com.purpletech.graph declared as Range
protected  Range IntegerGraphModel.xrange
protected  Range IntegerGraphModel.yrange

Methods in com.purpletech.graph that return Range
 Range IntegerGraphModel.getXRange()
 Range IntegerGraphModel.getYRange()
 Range GraphModel.getXRange()
 Range GraphModel.getYRange()

Uses of Range in com.purpletech.graph.tick

Methods in com.purpletech.graph.tick that return Range
 Range TickGraphModel.getXRange()
 Range TickGraphModel.getYRange()

Documentation generated March 5 2003