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Packages that use GraphModel

Uses of GraphModel in com.purpletech.graph

Classes in com.purpletech.graph that implement GraphModel
 class IntegerGraphModel

Fields in com.purpletech.graph declared as GraphModel
protected  GraphModel FancyGraph.model
          where we get all our data.

Methods in com.purpletech.graph that return GraphModel
 GraphModel PointGraph.getModel()
 GraphModel Graph.getModel()
 GraphModel FancyGraph.getModel()

Methods in com.purpletech.graph with parameters of type GraphModel
 void PointGraph.setModel(GraphModel model)
 void GraphRenderer.render(java.awt.Graphics graphics, Graph graph, GraphModel model)
 void Graph.setModel(GraphModel model)
 void FancyGraph.setModel(GraphModel propValue)

Constructors in com.purpletech.graph with parameters of type GraphModel
PointGraph(GraphModel model)
PointGraph(GraphModel model, java.awt.Insets insets)
Graph(GraphModel model)
Graph(GraphModel model, java.awt.Insets insets)
FancyGraph(GraphModel model)

Uses of GraphModel in com.purpletech.graph.tick

Classes in com.purpletech.graph.tick that implement GraphModel
 class TickGraphModel

Methods in com.purpletech.graph.tick with parameters of type GraphModel
 void TickRenderer.render(java.awt.Graphics g, Graph graph, GraphModel model)

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