05/15/06: Rails / lighttpd gotcha: AJAX stalling? Check your Content-Length header

So neither Ruby on Rails nor lighttpd set the Content-Length header in HTTP responses on their own. That means that the browser doesn't know when it's gotten the whole response, so it has to keep the connection open in case more bytes come down. In normal web usage this doesn't cause a problem (*) since browsers are smart enough to display partial results. But for AJAX responses it means that, sometimes (**) the onComplete handler (***) doesn't get called for over a minute. The onInteractive handler gets called quickly, but that doesn't help, since usually you do stuff during onComplete when you're guaranteed to have the full response.

Here's the fix in Rails. Put the following in your application.rb:

 after_filter :set_content_length

 def set_content_length
   @response.headers['Content-Length'] = @response.body.length
Anyone who wants to fix the above to check for an existing content-length, be my guest :-)

(**) The stalling happens sporadically, not sure with what pattern. In one app we saw it maybe one in 5 requests; some of those were actually HTTP requests so the

(*) Occasionally the page will be fully visible but the cursor will still be a pointer-plus-spinning-hourglass. And this may cause performance problems in high-volume sites.

(***) onInteractive and onComplete are prototype.js event callbacks; the corresponding standard XMLHttpRequest "ready states" are INTERACTIVE and COMPLETE; "ready state" is a parameter to the onReadyStateChange callback.

(****) Apache is nice enough to tack on a proper Content-Length for you, so if you're running behind Apache you're safe from this problem.

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I tried your solution, but looking at the headers as received by the client, they don't seem to have been transmitted. Is it possible that lighttpd actually strips the Content-Length from the header after it is set by Rails? Well, I assume that is what is happening because lighttpd seems to insist on sending everything with "Transfer-Encoding: chunked". I wonder what version of lighttpd you had/have your solution working on? I'm on lighttpd 1.4.10. Btw, I also posted a question concerning this (and citing your blog) on .
06/26/06 23:13:21

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