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The Kanim Tangerang was already full. Full of waiting people. I knew I had to find my form so I did that first. The kind people at the photocopy center provided me a form with paper document holder and the passport cover for Rp 6000,- They had 2 forms. One required a "materai." Don't know the english word for it. So I bought my materai too. It cost me Rp. 7000,- Then the pen I brought along was blue when the instructions said use black ink. Bother.... so bought a pen for Rp. 3000,- Then I finally filled it out and got all of the documents ready. website: http://www.bydrdreheadphone...
02/20/12 00:44:02
Like several other university student dreaming of the life in university, you need to not be discouraged through the trouble that you happen to be now facing. Men and women have difficulties, and that cannot be avoided.http://www.jeremylin17jerse...
03/20/12 23:12:47

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