05/28/05: Flexible JUnit assertions with assertThat()

Joe Walnes describes a Clever junit base class with declarative methods for doing stuff like this:

assertThat(something, eq("Hello"));
assertThat(something, eq(true));
assertThat(something, isA(Color.class));
assertThat(something, contains("World"));
assertThat(something, same(Food.CHEESE));
assertThat(something, NULL);
assertThat(something, NOT_NULL);
assertThat(something, not(eq("Hello")));
assertThat(something, not(contains("Cheese")));
assertThat(something, or(contains("color"), contains("colour")));

And you get failure description messages for free! -- it infers them from the constraints.

I like code you can read.

Comments made

So with this assertion:

assertThat(something, or(contains("color"), contains("colour")));

I get this useful failure message, for free:

Expected: (a string containing "color" or a string containing "colour")
but got : hello world
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