05/21/05: Zen Refactoring

Yesterday I was pairing with Patrick, our new intern. He's great, smart as a whip, and willing to learn. (When I told him we write tests first, he laughed, incredulously, but then I said No, really, I'm actually serious, and he listened, and later, he said, Oh, now I see.) At the end of a long successful refactoring (turning a clutch of static methods into instance methods), we were sort of buzzing and didn't want to stop, were casting about for other refactorings to do in the same class. I suggested a technique I only just then gave a name to, that I've done occasionally on my own for a long time, but hadn't yet taught: Zen Refactoring.

"Just let your eyes unfocus and scroll through the code and look for refactorings. Look for duplication; look for too-long or too-deeply-indented code blocks. When you notice something odd, don't read it, just select it, hit Extract Method (ctl-alt-M), and hit random keys for the name. Then focus your eyes again and see what you've done."

I demonstrated. The first time we hit a bunch of print statements with repeated formatting -- it worked, but the refactoring was tedious, with marginal payoff. But the second time was golden. I saw a blurry if-else block; the first arm meandered for 15 or 20 deeply-indented lines, the second for fewer; their logic appeared opaque and disjoint. But after extracting the first block as a method, lo and behold:

if (something() || other()) {
  customerId = sdlfjds(x, y, z);
} else {
  user = someOtherExistingMethod();
  customerId = user.getUserId();

IDEA had figured out that the result of that meander was a single value, and returned it from the new method. It was instantly clear that we should rename the extracted method "customerIdForSomethingOrOther", and extract the whole conditional as "getCustomerId". Shift-F6, ctl-alt-M, high five.

Then it was Patrick's turn. Not quite as much of a slam-dunk but still a worthy refactoring. I can't wait to get an incredulous laugh from the next one I spring this on...

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