02/18/06: Real Lessons for Rails Deployment

"Bottom Line: If you can, use Lighty. The fact that it's now used by script/server when installed means that lots of other people are looking at it all of the time and that any problems with it will be addressed rapidly. If you need Apache's mod_rewrite or any other of its fabulous arsenal of modules, or simply have to use Apache because that's the corporate line, use Apache httpd 2.0.x if at all possible. And, if you're going to use Lighty, be sure not to use config/lighttpd.conf to stash your production configuration. I used to stash my production lighttpd configuration there, but then the built in script/server commmand introduced in Rails 0.14.something-or-other didn't work so nicely. So now I let Rails create the config/lighttpd.conf file and I stash my production configuration somewhere else."
Real Lessons for Rails Deployment

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05/08/05: The Socratic Method

This guy teaches a 3rd grade class binary arithmetic using The Socratic Method -- really!

05/07/05: Beck/DeMarco Interviewed

Kent Beck (XP's dad) and Tom DeMarco (Peopleware) interviewed in ITworld.com - Extreme Programming Explained

03/20/05: Martin Fowler's Bliki

Testing the "Add to blog" feature with a link to Martin Fowler's Bliki